Ongoing Projects

I’m always juggling something alongside my usual work. Here’s a peek at the things that I do in my free time.

Magic Mirror

At the intersection of IoT and magic is the magic mirror, made famous by several makers on the internet. A magic mirror is a screen hidden behind a piece of two way mirror; either glass or acrylic. The end result is a modular, unobtrusive source of information.

I’ve currently got my Raspberry Pi hooked up to a monitor with MagicMirror 2 installed. Next, I’ll need to build a wood frame to house all the components and to make the piece a beautiful wall-mountable unit. Learning more woodworking is a long term goal of mine, and I bore all of my friends recounting my favorite woodworker and craftsmen YouTube videos.


JASBang stands for “Just Another Spellbook (using) Angular.” Using Angular and a repo of 5e SRD Dungeons and Dragons spells, I’m learning the infinitely useful Angular JS Framework.

JASBAng isn’t ready for primetime yet, but it has some functional use, and is already relatively handy during a session of 5e DnD. Here’s what the interface currently looks like: