There’s something I tell everyone


The first thing is that I define myself by what I create and who I create it with. I find that I’m myself the most when I’m caught in the throes of creation, be it art, music, or somewhere inbetween.

The second thing is that I’ve always told myself that I’ve wanted to make, not do. After deciding to be a cartoonist, then an animator, then a history major (we all make mistakes), I finally joined the Visual Communications program at Seattle Pacific University, and I knew right away that I had made the right choice. Funnily enough, though, I soon found out I liked building the websites more than I did designing them (but design and I still have a super healthy relationship).

Right now I am looking to utilize and strengthen my development skills on teams that also allow me to flex my visual design talents. I am adept at communicating with designers and accomodating their needs, and am interested in pushing the envelope with front end web technology. I thrive on close-knit, fast-paced teams.